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Combining over 25 years’ experience in some of the biggest multi-national companies, an obsession with brand building and a contemporary, creative and forward-thinking team, KUUSI is built for you.
Our services are broad but complementary, created to flex for everysize of SME.
Helping you to understand who you are and why your business exists, know your team better and build plans that, when executed will guarantee sustainable growth for your business.
We will help you to...

Developing brilliant products or services only counts if you are creating what your customers want.

Why do customers buy from you?

Why do they come back?

What would they like to see that you don’t currently offer?

What is the demographic you are targeting?

Is your offer appropriate for this demographic?

How could you attract a greater range of customers?

Superb customer service is a sure-fire method to increase repeat custom and new customers from recommendations.

Loyalty is a commodity that most businesses crave, but very few achieve – improving customer experience is among the greatest tools to achieve this.

Promotions, competitions and discounts are all ways in which companies create loyalty.

Many companies are great at this for new customers, but outside of retail, existing customers are often forgotten.

You can create the feeling of a club membership by rewarding your regular customers for their trade.

Consumer activity is increasingly focused online.

As many as 81% of companies underutilise their web presence.

Even for face-to-face selling environments like shops, cafes or tradespeople, customers are increasingly likely to check out a business online first.

Online presence includes your website and social media and how the two link – how up to date the information is and how beneficial that information is to your customers.

Nothing can stop individuals for thinking about themselves and their development like running a business.

Being busy taking care of the day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month can make finding time to consider self-development difficult.

Professional development of your team will also improve the quality of outputs and increase loyalty, reducing costly staff churn.

Setting and reaching for goals creates and maintains forward momentum for your business, ensuring it doesn’t become stagnant.

Think about how much thought went into your business at the start, then compare it with how much thought you have given to the on-going development, marketing, training and general progression and evolution of your business –in many cases this will be like chalk and cheese.

Most businesses I speak to dislike the idea of networking, but it can be one of the best tools to expand your business and create new ideas and opportunities.

Local and regional networking events are designed for like-minded business people who want to grow their businesses.

The community they create can lead to the most unexpected of opportunities.

This counts in so many aspects of all business’ operations – you can think like the biggest brands in your operational, marketing, sales, after-sales and commercial activities.

Corporate social responsibility can really help to improve the image of your business in your market.

CSR is a key to creating emotional connections between your business and your customers. Achieve positive emotional connections and you have a level of loyalty which is very difficult to break.

Whether starting out or wanting to take your business to the next level, properly considered investment is vital.

Explore governmental and local authority support for growth.

Don’t be scared of taking loan finance – in the current financial market, borrowing is incredibly cheap and can be the leg-up your business needs to go to the next level.

One of the worst things that can happen to many businesses is becoming “stuck in a rut”.

Complacency is often born out of success – when things look good, why change anything or plan to change anything.

Just look at well known companies like Woolworths, Toys R Us, BHS or Blockbuster – all examples of brands who failed to evolve with the changing times and suffered the ultimate consequence.

Taking inspiration from competitors or completely different businesses, your staff’s ideas, friends and family, networking contacts or supporting businesses like KUUSI, fresh perspectives can be incredibly valuable.