Graphic Design
The visual identity of your brand is your first and your lasting impression.
Your logo, fonts and typography and the presentation of your communications and branding all define your business in a way little else can achieve.
Be it a relatively complex graphic logo like that of Starbucks Coffee or the simplicity of Google’s font and primary colours an iconic logo can transcend your business and really make your brand stand out from the competition.
Try to picture the Google logo.
Now try to picture the Bing logo.
Both offer the same services, one is pushed at us by its owner, Microsoft and yet I am sure one was much easier to picture than the other. This is partly thanks to the power of their logo design.
Ensuring your communications compliment your design is just as important – all too often SMEs create a great logo and then just slap it on some amateur designed comms.
Consistency is key and KUUSI can help you unlock a fantastic, consistent look for your business and your brand.
importance of a logo