KUUSI’s Transform training programme is created to create dynamic performance in leadership, teamwork and individual performance through addressing key areas such as;
      • Understanding your business
      • Understanding your market
      • Understanding your product/service
      • Understanding your customer
      • Understanding your people
      • Emotional intelligence
      • Personality Profiling
      • Your “Why”
      • Sales
      • Negotiation Marketing
All built in an interactive, dynamic programme designed to enable you to perform in the top 5% of operators and businesses in the country.
So, getting to the top 5% isn’t enough incentive? Why else should you invest in training?

Goes without saying, right?

How well do your employees skills, experience, training and working practises align with your goals and ambitions?

Create a culture of development and continuous improvement

Employees will feel challenged but valued

Having clear goals and measures keep people motivated

Employees take responsibility for their own development

Pulling in a common direction creates team ethic

Helps employees understand themselves and each other better

You may know well your areas of weakness in performance – training addresses this and gives a framework by which to measure them
You may know your business performance, but do your team? Do they understand their contribution to the business and your expectations of them?

Enables performance management

Motivates employees through understanding of their goals

Improved performance will lead to happier customers which will lead to greater revenues and increased profits