Web design & seo
Ultimately, your web presence defines your brand in terms of public perception, so what does your web presence say about you and your business?
If your website is well-made, up to date, thoughtfully designed and contains the information and options your customers’ need, plus you ensure your customers are up to date through consistently updated social media channels – what does this say about your business?
If you just have a Facebook page because it’s free – what does this say about your business?
If you don’t appear online at all – what does this say about your business?
elements of a good design
Aesthetic and functionality

Think about yourself and websites you use – what engages you?

Relevant content.

Food for the eyes.

KUUSI can help you to maximise the effectiveness of this.

Everything counts here, fonts, other typographic details, layout, images, colours and animations – all should be focused at the messages you wish to deliver to the reader.

Overdoing it will create visual clutter and reduce conversion rates.

Thoughtful design can include negative or empty space to guide the readers’ eye to the information you want them to receive.

The ease of use is critical to your website – the more intuitive the better – unless it suits your brand to make a high concept website that operates like a cryptic puzzle
Your brand is your business and more – your business can be judged through data and provable reality, your brand can be judged entirely through perception, how it makes people feel.

Think about the biggest brands in the world;
Coca-Cola – classic font, red and white colours
Apple – iconic logo, consistent font, greyscale
Amazon – consistent font, arrow logo
Google – primary colours, “Google font”, use of white space
Facebook – “Facebook blue”, “f” logo

The content, organisation and service platform of your website will all impact how well your site can be “read” by search engines like Google.

Background data such as backlinks and metatags will further improve the performance of your site.

If you operate in a competitive market, are a new brand attempting to make your mark or just want to expand your reach, KUUSI’s Search Engine Optimisation services can help to improve your ranking.